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Roofing Services For Industrial Renovations

Industrial building renovations can happen when you purchase a building and change the scope of the industry. For example, you may buy several warehouses that were once used for a specific kind of manufacturing. Your idea may be to use the same buildings for warehouse delivery and storage. This change would require some renovations. Some of the major renovations may deal with roofing services. Here are some of those commercial roofing services and how they can help with your industrial renovations. 


Many industrial buildings have skylights. These skylights were installed to allow natural light into the building. Some of the skylights can also open to allow ventilation and fresh air into the manufacturing areas. When you begin an industrial building renovation, you may find the skylights need replacing. There may be repairs, leaks, or other damage to the skylights depending on the age of the building. Some of the roofing services you need will deal with removing the old skylights and putting in new skylights as well as flashing to secure the area. 

Ventilation Units

Ventilation units are a major part of most industrial businesses. If the building you purchased was used for manufacturing, then you may find several ventilation units as well as fans and other ventilation systems. These units, when left unworking and unmaintained, can develop rust and corrosion. They can also stop working or become dangerous to operate. Since the ventilation units and systems generally integrate into the roofing system, your roofing contractor can offer roofing services. The services will inspect the units, replace or repair the units, and help to upgrade the units for better roofing ventilation year-round.


Gutters can be vital if your commercial building is in the middle of an area that receives heavy rain. Gutters help to move the rainwater away from the roof and to the ground level. They can also direct the water into street gutters and drainage areas. If the building has not been maintained or upgraded, the gutters may be damaged or clogged. A roofing service you may find useful is to have the gutters removed and replaced with an upgraded system. Depending on your roofing system, you may need specific types of gutter systems. Your roofing contractor can help with this. 

When you are ready to move forward with your industrial commercial building renovations, contact your roofing services provider. A roofing contractor will inspect your current roofing situation. This inspection will let them know how to move forward with the renovations you want. The roofing services contractor can also discuss upgrades you may want to consider as part of your renovations.

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