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Reasons To Install Cedar Shingles In Your Next Residential Roof Replacement

When you want to win the attention of potential home buyers and onlookers, you must select a roof that stands out in terms of color and shape. One such roofing option is cedar shingles, and for best results, you should find a qualified roofer to carry out the installations. Cedar shingles possess several other benefits, as shown below. 

Beauty That Will Never Fade

Cedar shingles are undoubtedly beautiful. But perhaps what is most interesting is that this beauty never seems to fade, thanks to its strength and sturdiness. As a result, they are not too demanding in terms of care. One thing that stands out about their look is the wooden texture with warm colors, offering you the complete package. 

Top-Notch Insulation

If you are looking for a roofing material that offers unmatched insulation, go with cedar shingles. They guarantee no heat or cold from the outside penetrates the attic, causing discomfort in your rooms. This is made possible by the air pockets in the grains inside the shingles that prevent temperature exchange. As a result, there is no need to use your heating and cooling devices all the time. 


Due to their natural preservatives, these wooden shingles also last long and can beat the harmful effects of weather such as the sun, snow, rain, and hail. Additionally, during manufacture, cedar shingles are treated to prevent moisture penetration. They can also deter fire outbreaks and fungus from growing. With proper care, your roof is sure to last many decades. 

They Are Sweet-Smelling

Whether your home is new or old, you always want to be met by a sweet smell when you open the front door. In case of poor odor, you will not rest until you find where the bad smells are coming from. Luckily, cedar shakes ooze pleasant smells, perfect for those who love nature's scent. You can even use this as a selling point. But, you must take good care of your roof to enjoy the aroma all year round.

Pests Repellant

Finally, if pests such as termites have been sabotaging your home's structural integrity, consider shifting to a cedar shingled roof before it is too late. Ideally, cedar contains a chemical that these insects don't like. So, they will likely disappear from your property in search of a more conducive environment. You can even install them on the siding to completely repel these troublesome insects. 

Hopefully, the above points have shed some light on why you should install cedar shingles over others. That said, get in touch with an experienced roofer to install the roof for a positive residential roof replacement outcome.

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