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5 Signs You Need Roofing Repair for Your Foam Roof

Foam roofs are among the most popular roofing options on the market today due to their lightweight, durability, and easy installation. However, like every other roofing system, foam roofs are bound to wear out and require repair or even replacement over time. Problems may arise due to inclement weather, animals, or natural degradation. This blog post will highlight the top five signs that indicate you need roofing repair for your foam roof.

1. Cracks in the Foam Roof 

Among the first signs that you need roofing repair for your foam roof is crack accumulation. Cracks allow moisture intrusion, which can cause more damage, such as corrosion. You can spot foam roof cracks quickly by simply observing your roof. If there are multiple cracks in your foam roof, it is time to schedule roofing repair.

2. Pools of Water on the Roof 

Pools of water on your roof are never a good sign. Standing water can cause damage to your foam roof by breaking down the roof coating. Additionally, when water accumulates in one area, it could cause the roof to leak and allow moisture intrusion.

3. Damaged Roof Coating 

Foam roofs are designed with a protective, multi-layer coating. The coating is responsible for the roof's durability, insulation, and resistance to UV damage. What happens when your foam roof's protective coating is not functioning correctly? UV rays weaken the foam roof, which can cause the coating to start to chip, decay, or even come off. Therefore, it's crucial to always examine your coating, especially after natural disasters, storms, or extreme weather

4. Internal Water Damage 

Are you experiencing water stains on the ceilings of your building? It might mean that your foam roof is damaged. Internal water leaks resulting from a poorly maintained foam roof present health risks, and repairing the roof becomes necessary to avoid potential health effects.

5. Blisters on the Roof Surface 

Blisters mean that the roof was not installed correctly. When roofers apply the coating in a hot environment, the substrate can absorb excess water, causing tiny bubbles to form under the foam's coating. Blisters can expand and contract as the temperature fluctuates, leading to more significant problems, such as leaks.

Foam roofs are an excellent investment because of their durability, energy efficiency, and easy installation. But once your roof is damaged, it is essential to repair it quickly. This blog post highlights the top five signs that indicate you need roofing repair for your foam roof. If you ever notice any of these signs, schedule an appointment with a professional roofing contractor who has experience repairing foam roofs. 

For more info about roofing repair, contact a local company. 

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