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Common Questions About Polymer Shingles, A Less Common Roof Material

There's a new option in roofing, and it's called polymer roofing. Actually, polymer roofing has been around for many years, but early renditions were not very good. Recently, some huge improvements have been made in the quality of polymer roofs, and as such, they've become more common. Here are some questions you might have about this material if you're considering using it for your own roof.

What is polymer roofing made from?

Polymers are basically plastics. So, polymer roofing is plastic roofing. Most brands make their polymer shingles from recycled plastic, and they may add some rubber to flexibility and strength. This is why polymer roofing is sometimes touted as an eco-friendly material -- it is made from recycled waste products.

Does polymer roofing look fake?

Most polymer roofs are made to look like other roof materials. For example, you can find polymer roofing made to look like slate and other polymer roofing made to look like concrete tile. If you're really close to the roof material, you can tell it is made from polymer. But remember, your roof is way up high. If you look at a polymer roof from the ground, it won't be too obvious that it is polymer.

Can polymer roofing really stand up to bad weather?

The idea of having plastic protect your home from hail and wind may sound a little strange at first. But actually, polymer roofing is really durable. This has to do, in part, with the fact that the roofing materials are a bit flexible. If hail hits them, the hail bounces back instead of cracking the shingle. If a branch falls on your polymer roof, it will probably be just fine. Wind can catch polymer roofing, which is why it's not usually recommended in hurricane-prone areas. But if you don't get hurricanes, this material is plenty protective.

Can polymer roofing keep your home cool?

Yes. Polymer roofing works really well in sunny, hot areas because it does a great job of keeping your home cool. It is a good insulator and blocks a lot of heat, which helps keep your home cooler inside. If you choose a lighter-colored polymer roof, it will reflect more heat and keep your home even cooler.

With these questions answered, you should have a better idea of whether polymer roofing will work for your home. Talk to a roofer who installs this type of roofing to learn more.

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