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Hail Roof Repairs—Great Advice For Homeowners After A Severe Storm

If your area gets hit by a severe hail storm, roof damage is probable. After all, some hail can reach the size of a softball. Fortunately, hail damage isn't impossible to fix. Here are some repair tips that will help you restore the roof and move on with your life.

Become Familiar With the Signs of Hail Damage

After a hail storm, you will likely inspect your roof for damage to see what needs repairs. If you don't know much about residential roofs, become familiar with signs of hail damage. You can then pinpoint issues correctly if they're present. 

Some common signs of hail damage include indentions around your roof materials, a loss of granules, and chipped edges. If your roof has any of these signs, you need to figure out what repairs are necessary and complete them as soon as you get the chance. 

Stand on a Scaffold When Performing an Inspection  

When you get ready to inspect your roof after a hail storm, it's advisable to stand on a scaffold instead of your roof. After all, you don't know what condition the roof is in after a storm. For instance, there could be structural damage that you don't want to make worse by standing on the roof. 

When you go out looking for a scaffold rental, ensure it's tall enough to see all areas of your roof while standing on its platform safely. Also, try to find a well-built scaffold that features steel so that you know your weight will remain supported as you perform an initial roof inspection. 

Consider Reroofing if Damage Is Severe Enough 

Sometimes, hail damage is so severe that you really should consider a replacement. Before you go forward with one, consider reroofing first. It involves placing materials over the damaged materials after a hail storm. Reroofing is much more cost-effective than a complete replacement and won't take as long. 

Just make sure you consult with a residential roofer to make sure your property is fit for reroofing. If it is, the roofer will give you the green light and break down the necessary reroofing steps one by one so you know what will happen to your roof.

Hail storms can cause all kinds of damage to residential roofs, but if you're quick to complete repairs that are relevant to your roofing issues, you'll keep other roof-related problems at bay and subsequently not have to spend as much on repairs/restorations. 

Contact a local roofer to learn more about hail roof repair.

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