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4 Important Steps For Maintaining Your Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofing is a popular choice, so you may have it on your home now and get it again when you have a new roof put on. Asphalt shingle roofs aren't the most durable type of roof, but they can last a long time if you take care of them properly. You might do some maintenance yourself, use a handyman, or hire a roofer. Anything that involves working on the shingles should be done by a roofer so you don't void your warranty. Here's a look at four things you can do to maintain asphalt shingle roofing.

1. Keep Leaves Out Of Gutters And Valleys

Clean leaves out of your gutters if they get stuck or they can create a dam that makes water back up under the roof. Having properly functioning gutters is important for preventing water damage on your roof. You should clean the gutters out at least once a year and more often if they fill up fast with leaves. Also, you'll want to sweep leaves out of valleys since the wet leaves hold moisture against the shingles and can lead to shingle or roof damage. You might use a handyman to clean your gutters and clean leaves and twigs off of your roof occasionally.

2. Maintain Good Attic Ventilation

You might have your roofer check your attic ventilation to make sure it's adequate. Then, you'll need to be careful about blocking the soffit vents in the future. Air is pulled in the soffit vents, but if they're blocked by insulation or clutter in your attic, air can't get through and your roofing can overheat. A roofer can put baffles over the soffit vents if needed to keep them open. If it turns out your attic doesn't have enough ventilation and your shingles are starting to curl, talk to your roof about putting in another vent to keep air flowing to cool your attic and the underside of the roof.

3. Inspect And Repair Shingles

It isn't always safe for homeowners to go up on the roof. If you're not comfortable with it, then hire a roofer periodically to check your shingles for damage. Cracked shingles should be repaired or replaced before they leak. Your roofer can check the condition of the shingles and flashing and let you know if repairs are needed. Prompt roofing repairs are important for the longevity of your roof.

4. Keep Trees Trimmed

Trees can scrape your shingles and work them loose or knock off all the granules. If branches are close to your roof, call a tree trimmer to cut them back. Trees are not only dangerous to your roofing, they make it easy for animals to get on your roof and cause damage. You want to keep squirrels, rats, and raccoons off of your roof and out of your attic, and one thing that helps is to keep trees trimmed so animals can't use them to gain access to your roof.

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