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How An Impact-Resistant Roof Can Protect Your Home From Hail

If you live in an area where hailstorms are frequent, consider installing impact-resistant shingles on your roof. These types of shingles can withstand the force of hail without cracking or tearing, which can lead to water damage and costly repairs. 

How Impact-Resistant Shingles Work 

Impact-resistant shingles are roofing materials designed to resist the impact of hail that may fall on your roof during a storm. They are hail-resistant with the highest impact resistance rating Impact-resistant shingles do not split or tear when hit by the ball, unlike conventional shingles that may crack or break.

Why Impact-Resistant Shingles Are So Durable

One of the main components that make impact-resistant shingles more durable is polymer-modified asphalt. This asphalt has been mixed with a synthetic rubber-based polymer called styrene-butadiene-styrene, which gives the asphalt more flexibility and elasticity.

This means that when hail hits the shingle, it can bounce off or deform slightly without causing damage. Another component that adds strength to impact-resistant shingles is a thicker polymer-based mesh that reinforces the shingle and prevents it from falling apart when impacted.

The Other Ways That Impact-Resistant Shingles Are Helpful

Impact-resistant shingles offer several benefits for homeowners who live in hail-prone areas. First, they can minimize roof damage during severe weather events and potentially extend the roof's life. By preventing cracks and tears in the shingles, impact-resistant shingles can prevent water from seeping into the roof deck and causing leaks, mold, rot, and structural damage. This can save you money.

Second, they can meet building codes in areas where hail is expected. Some states or localities may require homeowners to install impact-resistant shingles on their roofs to comply with building codes and standards. This can ensure that your roof is safe and meets the minimum requirements for quality and performance.

Finally, they can increase home resale value. If you sell it in the future, having impact-resistant shingles on your roof may attract more buyers looking for a durable, low-maintenance roof. Therefore, you will improve the value of what is likely to be your largest investment.

Contact a Roofing Company to Get Started

If you are interested in installing impact-resistant shingles on your roof, you should contact a reputable roofing contractor who can provide you with more information and a free estimate. It would help to compare different brands and models of impact-resistant shingles to find the best one for your budget and preferences. 

Speak to a service to learn more about roofing installation.

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