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Don't Let Santa Walk Up There — And Other Tips For Tile Roof Care

Santa is infamous for walking on rooftops. But if you have a tile roof, you'd better not let him up there! Roofing tile, while generally durable, can be pretty fragile if you step on it at the wrong angle. As such, even homeowners are usually advised not to walk on their own roofs, and roofers take special precautions before walking on and repairing tile roofs. This is just one care tip that is important to know when you have a tile roof. Here are some other ones worth reviewing.

Have broken tiles repaired promptly.

If a roofing tile breaks, your roof should not immediately start leaking. There is generally a very good underlayment under the tile, and that underlayment keeps water from seeping into the roof deck and into your attic. But the underlayment will not last forever. It will eventually succumb to water damage, so it is in your best interest to have those tiles repaired so your underlayment can stop being exposed to so much water. 

Most roofing companies that install tile roofs also repair them. So, if you know which company installed your tile roof, they should be the first one you call for repairs. They'll be familiar with your roof's layout, which will make it easier for them to repair it.

Have algae removed early on.

Algae can grow on tile roofs. It is especially common on clay tile roofs. If you're noticing black, gray, or very dark green streaks on your tile, those are almost certainly caused by algae. The longer you leave the algae up there, the more of a problem it will become and the harder it will be to remove.

Don't try to power wash the algae away yourself. You may get rid of some of it, but if any is left behind, it will just regrow. Look for a roofing company that offers algae removal services. They will use specialized herbicides to not only remove the algae but also kill it. This will help keep it from coming back. Long-term, you may also want to remove any trees that are shading your tile roof as they can perpetuate algae growth.

So, now you know. Tell Santa to stay off your tile roof, have any cracked tiles replaced ASAP, and have algae removed as soon as it appears. Reach out to a roofing company near you for more information about tile roof care. 

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