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A Wooden Roof? It's Not As Crazy As It Sounds

A roof protects your home. It stands to reason, then, that any material used to make your roof should be durable, hardy, and long-lasting. Wood may not be a material you think fits that description. You would not be the first one to brush off wood as a potential material for your new roof. But the truth is, wooden roofing can be a very good choice. It's more durable than you might think. Here are some ways in which it performs well and offers benefits for homeowners.

The wood used for roofing is resistant to rot

Rot may be one of your big concerns with a wood roof. If you were to simply make a roof out of pine boards, then rot would surely set in before long. However, the woods selected for roofing are far more resistant to rot. Cedar is by far the most common wood used to make roofs. It contains unique oils that are unappealing to the bacteria and fungi that cause rot. A cedar roof can stay in place for decades without starting to rot. 

Cedar shakes are also cut in a way that makes them less likely to rot. They are cut with the wood grain, so water runs down them rather than being absorbed into the grain. This results in less overall water contact and a lower potential for rot.

Wood is a good insulator

So many of the common problems with roofs, including ice dams and discoloration, have to do with a lack of insulation. A well-insulated roof is a long-lasting roof. Wood, it turns out, is an excellent insulator, which means that it helps protect itself from the sort of damage that can come from higher heat transfer rates. It also helps keep your energy bills lower!

Wood is eco-friendly

Wood roofs don't always last quite as long as tile or metal roofs. However, when they need to be removed, you can just send the roof off to be composted. It won't pollute the planet; it's all natural. If you are concerned that trees are being taken down to build your roof, then you can just plant a few trees to make up for those used to make your roof.

Roofing is not the most durable roofing material, but it is durable enough for many homes, and it has some other benefits that make up for its downfalls. Consider wood, and talk to a roofing company, such as Thomas Roofing & Supply Inc, for more information. 

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