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How To Decide Whether To Replace A Roof With Stamped Metal Panels

Instead of replacing your existing roof with a traditional metal roof, you also have the option of using stamped metal. Stamped metal roofing is designed to look like shingles but is made of metal—usually from galvanized steel panels. However, some use aluminum or copper. Once you have put the stamped metal panels in place, it can be difficult to distinguish between stamped metal and the previous roofing material you were using. 

Make Your Roof Look Like Anything

Using a stamp, the manufacturer gives your roof panel a specific shape. The roofer then locks the different sections of the metal roof together. The panels locked together are smaller than traditional metal panels. A roofer can install them in a staggered manner to make them look more natural.

Stamped Metal Roof Accessories

The stamped metal comes with accessories that give the roof a seamless look. While it can look like another material, it will be more durable and last much longer. During the installation process, the roofers lock the fasteners into place.

Regardless of the materials your roof is made from, you'll need metal flashing to protect your roof around vulnerable areas, such as nearby your chimney. However, with other roofs, it is challenging not to bend the flashing during the installation. With metal panels, the flashing is already a part of the roof.

The Color of Your Roof

The metal panels have a special color coating meant to last for the panel's life. It will not fade, rust, or chip. You can select a color that perfectly fits your home.

Reflecting Light From Your Roof

Your metal panels can also be stamped with emissive sheets that quickly reflect sunlight from your roof, keeping your building cooler during the summer. As a result, you can save money on your energy bills.

The Ease of Installation

One of the advantages of stamped metal panels is that they can be more easily installed over an existing roof, which can help save money and give your home an added layer of protection because you will have another panel over your roof. However, it's essential to ensure that a roofer inspects your building to ensure no underlying issues must be addressed. Also, you can only place a roof over an existing roof one time.

However, stamped metal panels could be better, and there are several reasons to choose other roofing options. For example, the stamped metal panel comes with a higher upfront cost. Also, if you have a low-slope roof, go with another option. Fortunately, a roofer can explain the other options you have available to you.

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