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Have Damaged Shingles? Know How To Replace Them With These Tips

Have you noticed that there are shingles on your roof that are damaged? This could have happened due to strong winds, a tree branch landing on your roof, or some unexplained reason you cannot figure out. You'll definitely want to know the following tips for how to replace the damaged shingles on your own. 

Removing Damaged Shingles

You'll want to remove the entire damaged shingle from your roof, rather than cut it out and leave part of it in place. This is going to make the job much easier to slide the new shingle in later and ensure that the old nail holes are covered and will not let water in.

Be careful when removing the damaged shingles, as you do not want to damage the ones that surround it and are still in good condition. You'll want to use a pry bar to get the job done, which is specifically designed for removing the nails that hold the shingles in place. Slide the pry bar underneath the shingle until it hooks onto the nail, and then gently put pressure on it to lift it out of the roof deck. Do this for every single nail that is holding the shingles in place, then slide out the shingles from the roof.

Finding The Replacement Shingles 

Hopefully, you have some extra shingles from when your roof was originally installed. If not, you'll need to track down brand-new ones to go on your roof. The problem that you may run into is that all of your shingles are slightly faded from their original color. Try to track down shingles in a slightly lighter color from the same manufacturer to match. This will help ensure that the new shingles continue to fade in color at the same pace. 

Installing The New Shingles

The new shingles should slide right into where the old shingles were located. You'll want to line the new shingles up in the same way and then put back in the same amount of new nails to match the ones you removed earlier. If you had to loosen any surrounding shingles that overlapped, don't forget to secure those shingles back to the roof as well.

You can't leave the new shingles loose on the roof once you are finished. Use roof mastic underneath the new and surrounding shingles to make sure that it lays as flat as possible when the wind blows. 

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