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Factors To Think About And Discuss With Your Roofing Contractor When You Need New Commercial Roofing

If you're renovating your building and getting a new roof put on at the same time, you may be comparing different types of commercial roofing. You want an option that fits your budget and that's durable enough to last a long time. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your new roof.

The Shape Of Your Roof

If your building has a flat roof, your choices in commercial roofing are more limited than if your building has a sloped roof. Popular options for flat roofs include rubber and plastic membranes, foam, and built-up roofing. In some cases, metal might be an option too depending on the type of metal roofing you want and whether your flat roof has a slight slope.

The Appearance Of The New Roof

Appearance isn't always an important factor in your decision, especially when you have a flat roof that no one will see. If there are neighboring buildings that tower over your building, then your roof will be visible to others, and you may want something that has an attractive appearance.

Membrane and built-up roofing can be topped with gravel to give your roof an appealing, tidy look. You may prefer the look of foam roofing since it doesn't have seams and creates a uniform white blanket over the surface of your building.

The State Of Your Old Roof

It's a common practice to put new roofing over certain types of old commercial roofing. To do that, the old roof has to be in good shape. If there's a lot of water damage to the insulation boards or cover boards, the old roof has to come off instead. If you're putting a new roof over the old one, you may want to keep the same roofing materials or at least choose a compatible option.

The Ease Of Maintenance

Flat commercial roofing is usually easy to repair. Rubber and plastic membranes can be repaired with patches. Foam roofing is also easy to repair since a small damaged area can be cut out and the hole filled in with caulk. While a commercial roofing contractor will probably inspect, maintain, and repair your roof over the years, having roofing material that resists damage and is easy to repair keeps costs low and makes it easy for your maintenance crew to keep up with minor repairs.

The Environment

Some roofing materials do better in certain climates than others. Your commercial roofing contractor can help you select the best roofing for the temperature and weather conditions in your area. Plus, you need to consider fire threats and the type of pollution your roof will be exposed to.

PVC membranes are tough and they're an excellent choice when it comes to durability, but they cost more and they aren't the best choice for cold climates. Rubber membranes are less expensive, but they aren't quite as durable, so you'll need to weigh the pros and cons of each type of roofing to find one that's suitable for your building.

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