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Ethanol Fireplaces: How Do They Work And What Are Their Advantages And Disadvantages?

Adding a fireplace to your living room or dining room will give it a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, and installation isn't as difficult as most homeowners think. Ethanol fireplaces are a new entry to the market that make it very easy to add a warm, decorative fire to your home. They burn clean, so they don't need to be connected to a chimney, making them much simpler to install than vented fireplaces. To learn more about how ethanol fireplaces work and their advantages and disadvantages, read on.

How Do Ethanol Fireplaces Work?

Ethanol fireplaces work similarly to gas fireplaces, except they use alcohol as their fuel source instead of natural gas. You fill up the burner on the fireplace with ethanol, turn it on, and then light it using a barbecue lighter. You can control the size of the flames using a dial next to the fireplace, allowing you to adjust how much light and heat the fireplace is giving off.

What Are the Advantages of Ethanol Fireplaces?

The biggest advantage of installing an ethanol fireplace is that you don't need a natural gas line. If you don't have natural gas in your home, it can be expensive to add. The cost is based on how far your home is from the nearest natural gas line in the area, and connecting your home to a natural gas line can be very costly if the nearest natural gas line is far away. This makes installing an ethanol fireplace much less expensive if you'd need to add a natural gas connection to your home to install a gas fireplace.

The fact that ethanol fireplaces don't need to be connected to a natural gas line also gives you more flexibility in where you can install them. You can install an ethanol fireplace in the center of a room without worrying about how to connect it to a source of gas, allowing it to heat the entire room evenly.

What Are the Disadvantages of Ethanol Fireplaces?

The biggest disadvantage of using an ethanol fireplace is that it can be inconvenient to refuel. You need to pour ethanol into the fireplace by hand whenever you want to fill it. Gas fireplaces, once they're connected to a natural gas line, always have a ready source of fuel available and only need to be turned on whenever you want to use them.

Overall, ethanol fireplaces give you an inexpensive and convenient way to add a decorative fireplace to your home. They can be installed in a wall like a traditional fireplace or installed freestanding in the center of a room, which allows you to put one nearly anywhere you'd like to have a fireplace. If you think that an ethanol fireplace would be a great addition to your home, call a fireplace installation service in your area and ask about the ethanol fireplaces that they offer. Contact a professional for more information about fireplace installation

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