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3 Flat Roofing Alternatives To Your Old Built-Up Roof To Ask Your Roofing Contractor About

If your home has a flat built-up roof, it's difficult to tell what's going on under the gravel, so you might not know about problems until you see a water stain on your ceiling inside the house. A built-up roof is attractive, and it can last for many years. When it's toward the end of its life or has a lot of damage from storms, you may wonder if you should choose another type of roofing when it's time to get a new roof. Here are three options that work with flat roofs you can discuss with your roofing contractor.

1. Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roof panels that are double-locked are often suitable for flat roofs. That's because flat roofs aren't perfectly flat. There's enough of a slope that rain rolls off the roof, and that is often enough of a slope to work with the metal roofing panels.

Standing seam double-locked panels are the most watertight type of metal roofing. The seams lock together and then they're double-folded so it's very difficult for rain to get through. Metal roofing is attractive, and it comes in colors you won't find with other flat roofing options.

2. Membrane Roofing

Membrane roofing is a popular choice for both residential and commercial flat roofs. Your roofing contractor can help you decide if you should get a rubber or plastic membrane. Rubber tolerates hail a little better, but they are both suitable options.

One of the main differences is the way the seams are sealed. Rubber membrane seams are sealed with adhesive and tape while plastic seams can be heated so the plastic melts and bonds the seam closed.

3. Foam Roofing

Foam roofing is a more expensive option, but it lasts a long time and insulates your roof at the same time. Membrane roofing can't insulate, but it's put over insulation boards so all types of flat roofing have some type of insulation. With foam roofing, the roofing material is an insulating material too.

A foam roof is finished by coating it with silicone. This coating reflects the sun, so if you're looking for a roofing solution that keeps your home a little cooler when it's sunny and hot outside, a foam roof might be the solution.

Your roofing contractor can let you know how these three options compare with a new built-up roof so you make an informed choice and spend your money wisely. Consider cost, appearance, and durability since all three are important for being happy with your choice.

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