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What Type Of Roof Will Hold Up Against A Hurricane?

Hurricanes are very powerful and can cause tremendous amounts of damage to a roof. However, if your property is located in a hurricane zone, there are some roofs that are much more capable of standing up to hurricanes than others. 

The Destructive Power of Hurricanes

Your roof can be damaged by hurricanes in various ways. The wind can drive rain with so much force that the moisture can penetrate your roof and make its way into your home. This can then lead to your home leaking.

Hurricanes can also throw debris against the roof of your home and cause damage. For example, a hurricane could throw a large tree branch at your roof and cause a few shingles to be ripped off.

The wind from a hurricane is so strong that it can lift roofing materials from your home. In extreme cases, strong winds have been known to rip roofs off completely.

What to Do After a Hurricane

After your home has been hit by a hurricane, you'll want to have it inspected by a professional roofer. They will then be able to determine the full extent of the damage and help you decide whether you need a new hurricane-resistant roof installed.

A roofer will inspect portions of your roof that are weak and can redesign your roof in such a way that will make it much more resistant to:

  • Strong winds
  • Wind-driven rain
  • Flying debris

They will install your roof using the best materials and installation techniques.

Metal Roofs Can Fare Well Against Hurricanes

The best roofing material to install to prevent your roof from being damaged in a hurricane is a metal roof. Metal is much more durable and is more likely to survive the impact of flying debris. A metal roof consists of panels that are less likely to be ripped off by strong winds. When roof panels are torn off, they can easily be replaced.

Other types of roofs can also sometimes hold up against hurricanes, such as ceramic tiles and wooden shingles. However, many of these types of roofs are more likely to deteriorate as a result of moisture.

A Local Roofer Will Know How to Install Wind-Resistant Roofs

The shape and slope of your metal roof will affect how well it is able to handle a hurricane. The design of your roof will determine how well the roof will hold up against the impact of a hurricane.  

Reach out to a residential roofing installation contractor for more information.

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