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Signs That You Ought to Replace Your Rain Gutters

Gutters prevent water from entering your home by directing rainwater away from the windows, exterior walls, and foundation. Like your roof, gutters get old too, hence the need for replacement. Although some homeowners clean their gutters regularly to increase their longevity, there are still more reasons why you should consider replacing them. The following are warning signs your home needs new rain gutters.

Your Gutters Are Sagging

Gutters shouldn't pull away from your home. If you find your gutters sagging or have started pulling away from your house, consider replacing them. Excessive water in the gutters makes them bend due to weight. Consider installing new gutters to prevent water damage to your home.

Fractures or Holes of Any Kind

It is easy to ignore small cracks in your gutters, but eventually, these tiny fractures become more significant with time. If these cracks are left unattended, water will damage the shingles and foundation below. If you spot any cracks in your gutters, make a point of replacing them immediately.

Stagnant Water Around Your Home's Foundation

The purpose of the gutters is to keep water flowing away from your home's foundation. You are more likely to find pools of water around the foundation if the gutters are damaged and not functioning as they should. If the rain gutters are clogged, water won't flow properly, which may cause severe damage to your home. Consider installing new gutters if you notice such a sign.

The Paint Around Your Gutters Is Flaking Off

The paint used on the gutters should withstand harsh weather conditions. However, the paint may start to peel off if your gutters are extremely old. Also, you might notice rust forming on the gutters. You should have your gutters replaced in order to protect your home.

Screws or Nails on the Ground

Have you collected any screws and nails fastening your gutters on the ground a couple of times? Sometimes the screws can become loose, but if you notice this keeps happening even after tightening them, consider installing new gutters in your home.

Presence of Mold

Does your basement have mold lately? If so, this is an indicator your gutter system needs servicing or replacing. You should consider checking your gutters immediately if you notice such a sign. If the problem persists, ask a professional to install new gutters, especially if you want to harvest water for drinking. 

Broken Gutters at the Seams

Gutters should be fixed together with an airtight seam. If damaged, you are more likely to experience leaks and other damage in your house. Frequent breakage is a sign that you should replace your gutters immediately to fix the problem permanently.

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