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Single-Ply Roofing Issues You Should Be Aware Of

The single-ply membrane is the commonest roofing option in commercial buildings. This is all thanks to its class-A fire rating, ease of installation, prolonged high performance, and customized application methods. But like any other roofing system, these membranes develop issues after years of use. These anomalies don't always mean the end of your roof. Through a comprehensive roof inspection, your commercial roofer will advise you on the best remedy for the issue. Below are the issues you are likely to face with single-ply roofing systems.

Punctures Due to a Worn Out Protective Layer

Customers look at various things when deciding which store to go to, and one is the physical appearance of the building. Therefore if your single-ply roofing system is unappealing, it may work against you. Puncturing of the roof can happen due to the lack of a tough top layer, making it prone to sharp objects such as tree limbs that fall on it. So apart from investing in a hard top layer, you also need to trim nearby trees.

Tear Offs On Windy Days 

Another issue you may face with your flat roof is lifting caused by fierce winds. Sometimes the damage can be so bad that parts of the membrane may tear off. This is a probable scenario if the membrane is insufficiently attached. Tear-offs are also common when the roofing core delaminates due to improper installation, water penetration, or the adhesive wears off. 

You should contact your commercial roofer at once so they can repair the affected area by putting back the membrane. However, if the problem is widespread, you have no option but to replace the membrane. 

Improper DIY Installations

Sometimes your single-ply roofing will display problems due to poor DIY installations. For instance, cutting an inappropriate seam size could cause the membranes to pull away. Besides that, using the wrong machine to weld might over-melt the membrane. So to be safe and have peace of mind, steer away from DIY single-ply roof installations and instead engage professional roofing contractors. 

Shrinkage Issues Caused by Effects of the Sun

Shrinkage occurs when roofing material reduces in size over time due to lost elasticity from the sun's exposure. This, in turn, puts stress on the flashing. Similarly, the membrane may pull away or crack. To catch this problem early enough, hire a roofer regularly for inspections. 

Single-ply roofing is an excellent roofing choice since it is economical and sustainable. Knowing the above repair issues helps you get help on time. And, you won't regret your choice by working closely with a professional commercial roofer

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