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Important Roofing Inspections To Perform After A Roofing Install

You may have performed a lot of research and invested a lot of money into a roof installation. You thus deserve to get as much as you can from this investment. That's going to make post-installation inspections important to perform. Here are several in particular that need to occur.

Flash Sealing

There will be flashing around your newly installed roof. These materials are important for keeping water damage from happening. You want to verify that these materials were properly sealed because then they'll truly be effective around your property.

You can either do this yourself or have your roof installer go back through to verify proper sealing with the flashing. There should be sealants around all sides and they should have created a strong enough bond to keep flashing completely secure on your roof, even if there is a lot of wind and hail.

Flow Pattern

Every new roof will have a particular flow pattern. This is how water flows off your roof and onto the ground or nearby gutter system. You want to make sure your new roof has the correct flow pattern, so that you don't have to deal with expensive water damage issues.

Assessing this aspect is as easy as directing water over your roof with a hose. You want to see water trickling down in a strategic way to where it doesn't collect or go off to the wrong parts of your home. If there are issues with this, professionals can address them before it's too late.

Foot Traffic

In order to get new materials installed on your roof, foot traffic is a requirement. Professional contractors will have had to walk on your new roof in order to get materials secured properly. You just need to make sure this foot traffic didn't cause any damage. A quick visual inspection can help you check this out.

Look at your roof in its entirety and verify all of the new materials are damage-free. If you spot issues with foot traffic damage, you need to let the roofing installer or company know so they can make sure your new roof truly is perfect visually and functionally.

Once a new roof is placed on your property, you should perform a couple of inspections. They don't have to be time-consuming or stressful. You just need to know what to look for as to make sure you got an optimal new roofing solution that you can trust.

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