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4 Things Indicating a Need For an Emergency Roof Replacement for Your Commercial Building

With proper care and maintenance, your roof will serve its functions for many years. But, more importantly, a functional and well-maintained roof will offer you much-needed protection when it is snowy, windy, and rainy. 

But even with the best care, your commercial roof will need a replacement at one point in time. This article looks are four situations that call for an emergency roof replacement.

When the Wind Tears Off the Shingles

Shingles are generally sturdy, and for that reason, they can withstand moderate to high-speed winds without coming off the roof frame. Even so, the initial installation of the shingles will determine how well they will endure harsh weather. Poor installation could cause the shingles to tear off easily, in which case, you will need to replace them.

In addition, old shingles are prone to becoming detached. If your shingles keep tearing off the top each time you experience windy weather, it is time to get an emergency roof replacement. If the damage is minimal, they can repair the broken part of the roof. On the other hand, your roofer might recommend a complete roof replacement if the damage is extensive.

When Something Hits the Roof

You may consider replacing the roof when it experiences some impact. Common sources of impact include falling trees and objects flying in the wind during a storm. You should schedule a roof inspection soon after a tree or branch falls on it. Your roofing contractor will assess how much damage the roof has suffered and decide whether to repair or replace it.

When it is Extremely Icy and Snowy

Another instance when you might need a roof replacement is after an episode of excessive ice or snow. The freeze and thaw action can cause some massive damage on the slopes of your roof. Typically, these processes lead to cracking of the shingles, causing them to become leaky. Furthermore, it is advisable to watch your attic closely to ensure that ice dams aren't forming during this time.

When You Detect a Vermin Infestation

Pests are a tell-tale sign that your roof is not in good condition. That's because these unwanted guests like to inhabit places where the gutters are full of debris or gaps. As such, replacing the damaged roof sections and gutters can resolve the problem.

If your roof is due for a replacement, hire a commercial roofing contractor to handle the task. They have the right tools, skills, and knowledge to do it better than you can do it independently. Look for companies similar to Commercial Solutions, Inc. 

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