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Types Of Repairs Your Roofer Might Recommend When Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Starts Leaking

When your roof is leaking, you're probably concerned about the action you need to take. You might want to start by getting a roof check and estimate from a few roofers so you understand the problem with your roof and the repairs that need to be done. Here's a look at some of the options the roofers may recommend.

Repair The Leaky Area

If your roof is in good shape everywhere except where there is an isolated leak, your roofing contractor may just repair the water damage and replace bad shingles. However, the roofer will probably check the overall condition of the roof, too, so no leaks or other water damage is missed.

Repairing the leak might involve putting on new shingles or new flashing so the hole, crack, or loose shingles are repaired to prevent further roof leaking.

Replace Part Of The Roof

If your roof has a lot of damage on one side of the roof and the other sides are in pretty good shape, the roofer might agree to replace only one side of the roof. This saves money on the roof replacement, but your roof won't age at the same rate. Plus, you'll probably end up paying more for a total roof replacement later on. A roofer can help you decide if replacing part of the roof is a good idea.

Replace Part Of The Roof Structure

A roof leak usually requires replacement of some shingles and maybe replacing a piece of underlayment and plywood decking. In some cases, the leak can cause the rafters to rot. A roofer might be able to stabilize the rafters with a sister board, but in some cases, more extensive repairs could be needed that involve calling in a carpenter.

Replace The Roof

A roof leak might be a cause of a roof that's old and failing. When that's the case, your roofer will probably discuss the pros and cons of a roof replacement versus repairs. If your roof needs extensive repairs, your money may be better spent on replacing the entire roof. If your roof needs only minor repairs, then your roofing contractor may discuss the life expectancy of your roof and if the roof will last long enough to make the cost of the repairs worthwhile.

Put New Shingles Over The Old Roof

In some cases, your roofing contractor might suggest putting a new layer of shingles on top of the old roof. This may not be possible if your old roof has water damage, and some roofers may even try to talk you out of covering up an old roof. However, it could be a possible choice and something to discuss with a roofing contractor so you're aware of all the options available when it comes to roof repair.

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