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The Roof Tile Repair Guide To Deal With Damaged Roofing After Storms

Tile roofs are durable, but they can occasionally need repairs after storms. The issues with damage are often due to movement, winds, and debris that causes damage. Therefore, you are going to want to know how to deal with these problems. The following guide will help you deal with roof tile repairs that need to be done after storms cause damage:

Debris Damage to Tiles

The biggest cause of damage to tile roofs is debris. This can be due to trees or other debris that is picked up by the wind during storms. Some of the damage debris can cause to tile roofs during storms includes:

  • Tiles knocked loose
  • Cracks in roof tiles
  • Leaks caused by movement

Issues with debris damage can be prevented by keeping trees cut back and putting loose options in landscaping away when severe weather is expected.

Wind Damage and Movement

The winds that storms bring can also cause serious issues with tile roofing. The damage can be due to movements or missing tiles. Some of the repairs that tile roofs may need after a storm include:

  • Replacing roof tiles, caps, and other materials
  • Repairing leaks from movement and missing materials
  • Repairing damaged roof tiles due to winds (cracks and chips)

Wind damage is often visible due to movement or missing sections of roofing. The problems are common after storms, but there may be damage that needs to be repaired any time there is high wind.

Leaks Due to Missing Roof Tiles

The roof can also leak after a storm, which can lead to additional problems that will need to be repaired. Therefore, you want to deal with the tile roof leaks before water damage starts. Areas of tile roofs that leak and may need to be repaired include:

  • Around chimneys
  • In valleys or other areas with flashing
  • Where tiles have moved

The missing roof tiles can be a serious problem that causes leaks if they go unnoticed. Therefore, you will want to look for missing tiles occasionally. A repair service can replace the missing tiles before leaks cause serious water damage problems.

Other Tile Roof Issues That Need Repairs

There are other issues with damage to tile roofs that may need to be repaired after a storm. These issues can be due to various causes, including:

  • Cracked or chipped tile
  • Tile movement due to wear
  • Worn-out flashing and seals around vents

The problem with older tile roofs is that storms can make some of these minor issues worse.

The issues with tiles can often be easy to fix if you have them repaired right after a storm. Contact a tile roof repair service if you have problems with your roofing after recent storms.

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