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3 Signs To Let You Know It Is Time To Install A New Roof

Have you ever imagined your house without a roof or with a damaged roof? This is the last thing any homeowner would want considering the important role that the roof plays. A damaged roof means that you will no longer stay protected from harsh weather. It also means that your property might also get damaged. With that in mind, you can certainly understand why you should keep your roof in good condition.

If the unpreventable effects of age and wear and tear take a toll on your roof, replacing it is something you seriously need to consider. Roof replacement will not only boost your home's aesthetic value but also lower your energy bills. With that said, the following signs will let you know it is time to replace your roof. 

1. When Your Roof Has a Leaking Problem

A leaking roof is a rather obvious sign that all is not well. Some homeowners tend to ignore small water leaks, not knowing that the problem might worsen with time. Keep in mind that water leaks can damage valuable items such as artwork, paintwork, furniture, ceiling, and electronics. This means that you might end up incurring heavy losses if such items were not insured.

2. When Your Ceiling Starts Sagging

Sagging might not seem like something to worry about. Even so, this is a warning that there is a leakage somewhere that hasn't been identified. As a result, your ceiling will have high moisture content and make your ceiling sag. If you don't hire roofing services on time, water might start trickling into your living space sooner or later. 

The best way to confirm that your ceiling has a moisture problem is by touching it. If it feels soggy or soft, there is most likely a leak in your roof that is causing moisture buildup in your ceiling. 

3. When Your Roof Has a Mold Problem

Apart from the ceiling, moisture can also accumulate inside the layers of your roof. If it lacks the means to escape, it will create an ideal environment for mold growth, which will cause roof destruction from the inside out. If the mold damage becomes severe, you will need to replace the entire roof.

Investing in professional roofing services is an excellent way to make your roofing strong and durable. But there are times when replacing your roof makes more sense. A sagging ceiling and a leaking roof with mold problems are clear indicators that it is time to install a new roof. Reach out to a roofing service to learn more. 

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