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What To Expect With Maintenance And Repairs For Three Popular Types Of Residential Roofing

When you need a new roof, it's good to compare residential roofing options so you make the best choice for your home since you'll live with the new roof for many years to come. One thing you might wonder about is the type of upkeep different types of roofing will need. Here's a look at how three popular types of residential roofing compare when it comes to maintenance and repairs that could be needed over the years.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

When asphalt shingles wear down, they lose granules, and that makes the shingles brittle and easier to crack. When your roof is older, you may need to repair cracks more frequently. Asphalt shingles can also curl and blister if they get too hot due to poor attic ventilation. This could require the replacement of the shingles. The shingles can be torn off in strong winds or damaged by hail. The quality of the shingles you buy determines how well they stand up to storms.

In addition, moss and algae could become a problem if your roof is in the shade all day. You might need to have the growths removed. This may sound like a lot of maintenance, but asphalt shingles are usually easy to repair and replace, so as long as you keep up with the maintenance, the shingles could last for many years.

Metal Roofing

Metal tolerates storms much better than asphalt shingles, but large hail can put dents in metal roofing. A metal roof may not need much maintenance, but there is a risk of rust developing if you choose a steel roof. Rust can be removed fairly easily when it's caught early by scraping it away with a wire brush, so it's important to check a metal roof periodically.

Another possible problem is when screws back out of the panels and allow rain to leak through the holes. Also, seams along metal panels may start to leak and will need to be repaired. While a metal roof is usually more durable than asphalt, it should still be repaired when any type of minor or major damage occurs.

Tile Roofing

Tile is another durable option for residential roofing. Tiles might be damaged by hail strikes or other falling debris. They can also crack or chip off. Under normal conditions, tiles can last for decades, but you should check the tiles after a bad storm with a lot of flying debris or hail.

When tiles are chipped or cracked, they can be repaired by sealing the pieces back together. Individual tiles can also be replaced if necessary. Moss can sometimes grow on tile roofs too, and you'll want to remove it so it doesn't get under the tiles or make your roof look ugly. For more information, contact a residential roofing company. 

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