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4 Maintenance Tips For Your New Clay Tile Roof

Clay tile roofing has a beautiful appearance that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. Tile roofing is durable, and it lasts a long time. Like any other type of roofing, it's important to maintain clay tiles properly so they have a long life. Here are four tips for tile roofing maintenance.

1. Check The Tiles At Least Yearly

Clay tiles can crack or have the edges break off due to hail or tree limb impacts. It's a good idea to check your roof at least once a year for cracks. You can use binoculars or a drone to view the top of your roof.

It may not be wise to climb on your roof, since tile roofing can be damaged if you step on the tiles wrong. If you spot damage from the ground, call a roofing contractor to check the tiles and replace or repair ones that are damaged.

2. Keep The Roof As Clean As Possible

If tree branches or clumps of leaves get stuck on the tiles, you should have them removed. Leaves can hold moisture against the tiles or create a dam that forces water under the tiles. If you hire someone to clean off your roof, make sure they know how to walk on tiles without damaging them, or just hire a roofer to clean and check your roof at the same time.

3. Remove Growth From The Tiles

Clay tiles are a good material for algae, moss, and even weeds to grow on. Algae can make the tiles look like they have dark stains, so you'll probably want the algae removed to keep your roof attractive. Weeds and moss can harm the tiles, and if you pull them out, you could pull up a tile in the process.

When your roof shows signs of algae or other types of plant growth, call a roof cleaning contractor to have your roof pressure washed and the algae, moss, or weeds killed. You may even want to ask your roofing contractor about putting strips on your roof that discourage algae and moss from growing on the tiles.

4. Consider Sealing The Tiles

Talk to your roofer about whether sealing your tile roofing is a good idea. Clay tiles are porous, so they can soak up moisture from rain. This isn't always bad depending on the climate you live in. If your roofing contractor thinks sealing will prolong the life of your tile roofing, you may want to have it done.

Sealing keeps water from seeping in the tiles, and this helps prevent roof leaks and it also keeps the tiles drier so algae and moss aren't so attracted to the roof. In addition, the sealer gives the roof a clean and shiny appearance that makes the roof more attractive.

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