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3 Questions To Ask Roofers About Your Roof

If you think that your roof has a leak, then you need to get the roofers out as soon as possible to come take a look at it and see if they can repair any damage for you. You don't want to leave any leaks alone for too long because they are only going to get worse and you are only going to end up with a more expensive repair. There are things that you need to talk to the roofers about before you make your full decision about what to do about your roof. So, what are some of the questions you should ask them?

Extent of Damage

One thing that you need to ask about is how extensive the damage is and if it is in just one spot or many spots. The larger the damage is when it comes to your roof, the fewer options you have. That's because you can only repair so much damage or a certain amount of damage before you have to replace the damage. The more places you have visible damage, the more likely it is that you are going to have to replace the roof instead of repairing it. That's why one of your first questions to the roofers needs to be how much damage you are actually looking at.


You should also talk to the roofer about what they think the cause of the damage is. They may not be able to pinpoint one specific thing that has caused the leak in your roof because it may not always be obvious what the cause is, but they may be able to pinpoint the exact problem, like missing or loose shingles or missing flashing. 

Repair or Replace

Another thing that you need to ask your roofer is if you need to repair or replace your roof. There are some things that a simple repair will fix and keep from getting worse. For example, if you are just missing a few shingles but you don't have any leaks, reshingling that area should be enough to deal with the problem. But if you have a leak and a large area of loose and missing shingles, then you may have a lot of damage, and you may have to replace your roof. 

If you are worried about your roof, have a roofing repair contractor get up on your roof and check it out as soon as possible. 

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