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2 Signs the Shingles on Your Roof Are Deteriorating

With harsh winter weather fast approaching, you may be wondering whether your older roof will be able to withstand the freezing rain, snow, and ice of the season. While at first glance the shingles may appear to be intact, there may be signs for which you must look carefully when trying to determine whether they have started to deteriorate.

1.  Blisters Are Present on the Surface of the Shingles

One sign that indicates that your shingles are not in good condition is usually only visible if you stand on a ladder at the edge of your roof to examine them closely. While looking at the surfaces of the shingles, you may see blisters rising from the asphalt material from which the roof is constructed. As the shingles age and are exposed to sunlight, moisture, and debris that has collected on their surfaces, small holes will form that will allow water and air to collect under the surface membrane. As the collections grow, the moisture and gas will expand outward, creating the blisters that you are seeing.

If you are seeing surface blisters, there is a good chance that the material underneath the membranes is already affected and starting to crumble and crack. The shingles either in a small area or the entire roof will need replacing, depending on how widespread the blistering issue has become.

2.  Edges of the Shingles Are Starting to Pull Up

Another sign that signals deterioration of your roof's shingles is when you start noticing that the edges are pulling up from the roof. When they are in good condition, the shingles are pliable and able to withstand normal expansion and contraction from exposure to moisture and temperature changes. However, as the shingles age, they can become dry and brittle, making them less pliable. The edges will then start to curl up, making them ineffective at protecting the roof from moisture because the openings around them will allow water to run underneath.

If your shingles are starting to blister with the edges curling up, they are rapidly deteriorating and will most likely not be able to protect your roof from water for much longer, leading to possible leaks soon. Before this scenario has a chance to play out, contact a company that offers residential shingle roof replacement services to have them fully inspect your roof and discuss whether part or all of the shingles need to be replaced with new ones.

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