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What Can I Do To Prepare For A Roof Installation?

Having a roof installation done is a big job that requires a little bit of preparation on your part to make the day smoother and easier. When you are prepared and ready for the roof replacement, the job is not hindered and the workers can get started right away. Before your roofing crew arrives, consider taking care of these few things to help make everyone's lives easier.

Clear the Way

If you have a lot of tall trees or shrubs that make it difficult for workers to access your roof, try to trim these back and clean up the area so they can get their job done. Roof maintenance and roof replacement both require access to the top of your house, and if you have items in the way it can make their job a lot more difficult than necessary. Move any outdoor furniture or children's toys from the area so they have free access to the roof of your home without anything getting in the way. 

Make Arrangements for Kids and Pets

When you get a new roof replacement, there are a lot of noises involved that might make your children or small animals uneasy. From compressors to nail guns, there is going to be a lot of banging and loud noises the entire time the crew is at your house. The best thing you can do to avoid the stress of dealing with nervous kids or pets is to make prior arrangements for them to spend the day at a friend or grandmother's house. You will not be able to let either your kids or your pets outside while they are working because it will be unsafe for them, so sending them elsewhere is the easiest option.

Prepare Interior Walls

Due to the banging, constant nail guns, and vibrations from your new roof installation, make sure you remove any valuable items off of the walls inside your home as they might be knocked loose in the process. To avoid anything breaking or becoming damaged, be sure to protect these items before your roof maintenance service arrives.

Identify Power Sources

The roofing company will need access to your home's power, so make sure they are aware of the location of your outdoor outlets. If you do not have any, show them where your closest electrical outlet is located so they can use extension cords to use their tools easily while working.


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