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Lesser-Known Roofing Problems And How They're Addressed

Roof leaks are the roof issue everyone is familiar with, and most people are aware of missing shingles, too. But these are far from the only problems that can happen with a residential roof. While there are potentially thousands of things that can go wrong, take a look at some of the more likely but less-discussed issues below.

Cracking and Peeling Cement Around the Chimney

If you have a chimney emerging from your roof and the chimney is surrounded by cement, make sure you're watching that cement for signs of cracking and chipping. These days, most roofers have stopped using cement because it is so prone to cracks, and they are instead installing metal flashing around chimneys and other roof projections. If the cement around your chimney does start to crack, you can have your roofing company come replace it with flashing so you don't have to deal with this again in a few years. Flashing can eventually rust, too, but it lasts many years before it gets to this point.


Shiners are nails that have been pounded through the wooden underlayment of the roof and are basically poking through the ceiling of your attic. These nails are meant to be pounded into the roof frame, but the roofer missed. It happens sometimes. Roofers should check for and remove these nails, but sometimes they get overlooked. Water can drip down around the shiner nail and lead to tiny spots of moisture damage. Luckily, a roofer can pull the offending nail and use some tar to plug the opening.

Missing or Damaged Gutter Aprons

Your roof should have a little overhanging piece of metal called the gutter apron. This apron basically stops the flow of water off the roof and directs it into the gutter. If the apron becomes torn, goes missing, or is never installed, then the edges of your roof may suffer damage as a result. It's pretty easy for a roofing company to come replace your gutter apron — certainly easier than it is for them to replace an entire roof edge that has been damaged due to lack of a gutter apron.

Now you should be more aware of common but often overlooked roofing issues that may occur on your home. Keep an eye out for chipping cement, shiner nails, and damaged gutter aprons, and contact your roof repair company promptly if you do come across any issues.

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