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Three Reasons To Use Foam For Your Flat Roof

A flat commercial roof will occasionally need to be replaced due to leaks and aging. When installing the new roof, you will have a choice of different materials. Foam roofing should move to the top of your list. Not only is it a low-cost option that is quick to install, but it also offers many other advantages over other flat roofing alternatives.

1. Reduced Leak Worries

Foam roofing doesn't have seams like membrane style flat roofs. Seams are often where leaks occur since they are one of the weakest areas of the roof. For this reason, it is much less likely that your foam roof will develop a leak or be torn off, even in high winds and major storms. Further, the foam forms a tight seal around roof penetrations, such as around vent pipes and chimney stacks, so leaks in these areas are also less likely. In the event a leak does occur, it can be quickly repaired by cutting out the damaged area and applying a fresh coat of foam.

2. Reduced Energy Costs

Foam does more than create a weatherproof seal on your roof, it also provides additional insulation to your roof and helps lower your building's energy cost. Foam is thicker than a membrane roof, and the foam itself also has insulative properties that help reduce both heat loss from inside the building and heat absorption from the sun. The foam is also usually light-colored, which helps reflect heat away from your building so that it costs less to cool your property. Further, you can have a UV reflective coating applied to the foam, which will further reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the roof while also prolonging the life of the foam.

3. Durability and Easy Maintenance

The durability of a foam roof can be much higher than membrane roofs, in part due to the previously mentioned lack of seams. Foam doesn't usually degrade, especially if it is properly maintained and UV treated. Maintenance is relatively simple. The roof should be inspected annually so any damages are caught and repaired early. The inspection visit is also a good time to have the roof cleaned of debris, such as leaves and bird droppings.  Every few years, a new thin coating is applied, which will help maintain the seal and prolong the life of the roof.

Contact a foam roofing system installation service if you are ready to upgrade your flat roofing to foam.

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