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What To Consider When Considering Your Commercial Roof

As a business owner, when you think about your business, one of the last things to come to mind is most likely your roof. If you're leasing the building, it probably should never enter your mind (nor should it), but if you've built your building outright, whether it's a warehouse or a multi-level office space, there are somethings that you should consider. Commercial roofing, if done properly, can save you a boatload of expenses; if done poorly, it can be a running tab on your expense sheet that drains your business of necessary capital.

How Long Will I Be In This Building?

Some business owners build shops that are designed to be rebuilt or moved every decade or so, whether to take advantage of local real estate or simply because of expected growth. However, if you plan on being inside your building for a while, you should give serious thought to what kind of roof you want. A flat roof, for instance, is cheaper to maintain and more accessible but can be susceptible to standing water. A spray coat can add life to your roof and also cut down on the overall maintenance costs, despite being more expensive initially. Your roof is an investment in your business, so ask commercial roofers for their opinion on how to make it last.

What Are My Energy Costs?

The typical culprits for skyrocketing energy bills are things like insulation in the walls, solar panels, and HVAC systems. But your roof can also be a significant source of lost energy since it's the largest part of your building and faces the sun most directly. A commercial roof installation can be done with energy-saving materials, extra installation, or with certain colors and materials that deflect heat away from the building, keeping your energy bill lower and more money in your pocket.

How Much Do I Want to Maintain My Roof?

You may not anticipate problems with your roof, but they will inevitably come. Whether that's by a major storm that is rolling through or a blocked gutter somewhere that is forcing water to collect and tear through a part of your roof, you'll need to keep a constant eye on it to make sure it's in proper working order. Most commercial roofing companies offer a yearly or twice-yearly inspection and maintenance service, so if you truly want to be hands-off, ask your commercial roofer about options. It may be one of the best decisions you make to protect your business.

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