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How Are Wet Roofing Streaks Addressed By A Professional?

If you have an asphalt roof on your home and start to notice some wet streaks along the surface, then this is a moisture issue that should be addressed by a roofer. Keep reading to learn more about the problem, why it happens, and how it can be repaired.

Why Does Moisture Form on Your Roof?

Wet streaks on the surfaces of the shingles are commonly caused by condensation. While the problem may also involve wet weather conditions, the issue is mainly one that develops from the attic space. And, it occurs due to condensation. Condensation forms as the colder outside air come into contact with the warm inside air. The moisture builds up along the underside of the roof and since it gets trapped in the area, it seeps into the shingles causing wet streaks. 

Moisture will typically dissipate, but over time, the shingles will retain more and more water. This can lead to mold, mildew, and the general deterioration of the shingles, regardless of age. And, the result is a roof that needs to be completely stripped and replaced well before you are ready to invest in this service.

How Is Moisture Addressed By a Professional?

Moisture issues can be attended to by a professional roofer. He will inspect the shingles first to see if they are moldy or are starting to curl. If so, the roofer may suggest a roof replacement at this time. However, if the shingles are still in good shape, then the shingles may be left on the roof and the attic space will be addressed. 

There are a few things that the roofer can do to reduce moisture problems. A vapor barrier can be added to keep moisture inside the home. This occurs within the finished attic where the professional installs plastic sheeting along the roof base. Insulation must be removed to complete this job, so you may need to have new materials installed along with the vapor barrier.

Vents can also be added to minimize condensation by adding just enough air to allow moisture to escape. If you do not currently have vents along the eaves, then the roofer will start here. If you have these vents already, then additional ones will be added to the roof itself. Ridge vents may be installed along the entire horizontal surface of the roof ridge and if more vents are needed, installations like turbine and hoot vents can be added. Contact Cloise & Mike Construction Inc for more.

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