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When To Have Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Checked After A Storm

Asphalt roofs are tough, and they can withstand years of typical stormy weather. However, all it takes is one big storm or a brush with a tornado to cause significant damage to your roof. Roof damage isn't always obvious and easy to see from the ground. You may not even find out the roof was damaged until weeks or months later, when your ceiling starts dripping when it rains. That's why you may want a roof inspection done occasionally. Here are times you may want to have your roof checked after a storm.

When Neighbors Have Roof Damage

If your roof is sloped a certain way, you may not see the entire roof from the ground. You could have damage and not know it unless you call a roofer to climb on top of your house and look. A clue your home could have damage is if your neighbors have roof and property damage after the storm. If your neighbors have steep roofs that allow you to see shingles ripped off, then you may want to call a roofer just to make sure your roof doesn't have hidden damage.

When Heavy Objects Fall On The Roof

If you see a big tree limb on your roof, that's a pretty good sign there could be roof damage from the impact. The first step is to have the tree parts removed from your roof, and then you can call a roofer to check for damage. A heavy tree might break shingles and even crack or bust through the deck of your roof.

When the wind blows in a bad storm, yard debris can be tossed around your property too. A trash can or lawn furniture could become airborne and crash into your roof. The wind may then blow it off and scrape off granules with it. If you're home, you may hear the noise of something hitting your roof; otherwise, you would never know your roof was impacted unless a roofer finds signs of damage later.

When There Is Large Hail

It's good to know the rating of your roof when it comes to hail impacts. Some asphalt shingles are impact-resistant and will not be damaged by small pieces of hail. By knowing the impact rating of your shingles, you'll know when to worry about hail size. Large hail can damage just about any kind of roof, and small hail can damage some lower-grade asphalt shingles, which are commonly used since they are the most affordable.

Hail can cause immediate problems with your roof, but it can also cause problems that don't manifest right away. A leak might not develop for months, and by then, the cost of repairs could be much higher. That's why you should consider having a roofer look at your shingles after a hailstorm, especially if there was a lot of hail or if the stones were big.

You don't want to call your roofer after every storm, especially if you usually experience several storms each year. If you don't have an unusually bad storm, big hail, or high winds for a few storm seasons, then you may just want a routine roof check done every few years as a form of preventative maintenance. Residential roofing contractors can check all kinds of roofs, including asphalt shingles, for cracks and other potential problems so repairs can be done promptly to prevent water damage to your home.

To learn more, contact a residential roofing contractor.

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