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The Roofing Guide To Repairs And Improvements Before Your Replacement

If you are going to need a roof replacement soon, you want to make sure it is done right. Therefore, it is important to repair problems and make the right improvements. When you tear off the old shingles, the roof decking is going to need repairs. The following roofing guide will help you with the repairs and improvements that need to be done to your home:

Tearing of Old Roofing and Locating Damage—There are a lot of areas of your roof that can be damaged, but the old shingles need to be torn off to see the extent of the damage and repairs that your roof needs. Therefore, your replacement project needs to start with tearing off the old roofing, and the exposed decking will need to be inspected for damaged areas that need to be repaired as well as problem areas that may need improvements to prevent future problems.

Starting with Repairs to the Wood Decking Damage—After you have torn the shingles off your home, repair any damage to the roof decking. Sometimes, the damage is just an isolated problem with a leak. Some of the problems with leaks and damage to the wood roof decking could be a result of other issues. Therefore, you may need to have improvements done in some areas to prevent future problems and constant costly repairs to your roof.

Improvements to Prevent Future Leaks and Damage—The roof of your home can be vulnerable to leaks and damage in some areas more than others. One example of this is the water traps that are common behind chimney stacks. These are problem areas that are going to need improvements before the new shingles are installed on your home. If there are areas where walls meet roof slopes, these areas could also need improvements to prevent future problems with wear and damage.

Energy Efficient Underlayments and Installation of Shingles—The installation of the new roofing will begin with the layer of moisture barrier. Today, there are modern moisture barriers that can reduce leaks and improve the energy efficiency of your home. Lastly, you will want to consider the different options for durable and energy-efficient shingles you have installed on your home. Modern architectural shingles will have the longest life, while a lighter color roofing will help reduce heat gain for better energy efficiency during hot summer weather.

You will need to repair and improve your roof when doing a replacement. Contact a roofing contractor and talk to them about these improvements or any others you have.

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