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The Relationship Between Commercial Roofing And Corporate Branding

The roof plays a major role in determining the structural integrity of your commercial building. Most property managers view the roof as merely an architectural element that must be maintained, but your roof could be doing so much more for your business.

There should be a relationship between your commercial roofing and your efforts to brand your company within the modern corporate landscape. If it's time to install a new commercial roof, be sure that your selection reflects the brand message you want to convey.


The shape of the roof on your commercial building can have a direct impact on the message consumers receive as they enter your commercial space. Many commercial buildings feature the same flat roof shape. You can set your company apart by changing the shape of your roof when replacing roofing materials.

A pitched roof can help create an inviting and homey space. For businesses like bakeries, craft stores, or specialty boutiques, this home-like feel can help promote their brand message.

Companies that deal with high-tech systems and products might fare better with an angular roof. Sharp edges and clean lines can create a modern vibe that will promote a high-tech company's desire to be seen as a leader in their industry.


Color plays a central role in corporate branding. The colors that can be found in your company's logo should be incorporated into the design of your commercial roof.

Modern roofing materials come in a wide range of colors. You can choose colored metal roofing if you want to maintain a clean and modern look. You can select from colored architectural shingles that will allow your traditional roof to reflect the color scheme associated with your company.

Talk to your roofing contractor about the various color options available so that you can better utilize your commercial building to brand your company in the future.


Modern businesses often want their customers to receive a certain brand message when interacting with the company in any way. The roofing materials that you use to re-roof your commercial building can certainly send a message to the public.

Eco-friendly roofing materials will allow you to show consumers that your company values the environment. An eco-friendly roof will also cut your overhead expenses by reducing energy costs.

With branding playing an important role in a consumer's purchasing decisions, it's important that modern companies use every opportunity to promote their unique brand. Installing a new commercial roof that reflects your brand can be an effective way to increase your company's visibility.

To learn more, contact a commercial re-roofing contractor.

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