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Pitfalls Of Do-It-Yourself Roofing Projects

With all the videos and other tutorials on the internet, many homeowners want to save money by making home improvement tasks into do-it-yourself projects. However, while making new curtains or even changing out a faucet may be a fine DIY job, many home maintenance tasks are not. Any job that involves your roof falls in that category.

The Roof Is Left Leaking

Many layers make up your roof. This layering of protection makes sense since your roof is literally the topper of your house. It bears the brunt of all weather conditions, from sun to snow to heavy rains. When homeowners replace the roof themselves, or even a large section of shingles, they don't always get the roof watertight. If water gets under the shingles, it can promote mold and mildew.

Mold and mildew are allergens that can get into your home and will certainly destroy your roof. If the water seeps into the walls below, you can see the damage there, too. With a significant enough leak, the water can pool in the room below, which creates puddles of water on the floor. These puddles can damage the flooring or cause a slip and fall accident.

DIY Projects Void Warranties

Depending on the material of the shingles, a new roof should last at least 20 years. Some will last as much as 50 years or more. In other words, you really should only have to install a roof once during the tenure of your homeownership. What happens, though, if the shingles fail earlier?

Well, if a licensed contractor has properly installed your roof, they'll be under warranty. The manufacturer will replace the shingles at no additional cost. If you can't demonstrate that a qualified professional installed the shingles, the warranty will likely be void. Even insurance companies might look askance at a claim if you did the work yourself.

A Fall from the Roof Injures You

The most important pitfall of a do-it-yourself roof project is the danger of falling from the roof or even the ladder leading up to it. Researchers have conducted several studies related to construction-related deaths. Across the board, falls from the roof dominated the cause of construction-related deaths.

No matter your other skill sets, you simply don't have "roofing legs." Walking, bending, and carrying materials on top of a roof is a very specialized skill set. You could tumble off the roof from a misstep or a sudden gust of wind or an unexpected slippery area, and then you might wake up on the ground in pain.

Don't cut corners when it comes to your roof. Hire professional residential roofers for your necessary repairs.

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