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4 Roof Repair Tips To Help Deal With The Winter Weather Damage Before Spring Rains Arrive

If the shingles on your roof are older, they may be vulnerable to problems with wear, as well as winter weather damage. Therefore, you want to make sure that the repairs that your roof may need are done before spring rains come and minor leaks turn into serious problems with water damage inside of your home. The following roof repair tips will help you deal with the winter weather damage that needs to be dealt with before the spring rains arrive.

Wear of Roofing Materials in Areas Where Ice Dams Form and Cause Serious Roof Leak Problems  

The first problem that you will want to look for when it comes to your roof is wearing of shingles in areas where your roof is most vulnerable. These are problems that can happen due to ice dams that form after winter storms when snow and ice melt. The ice dams can deteriorate the shingles, which can cause leaks that will need to be repaired before the spring weather arrives.  

Changes in Temperatures That Can Cause Serious Problems With Shingles Cracking and Tearing  

The colder weather in winter can cause some materials on the finish of your home's exterior to become dry and brittle. These materials include the shingles on the roof, which can crack and break when the temperatures get colder. Therefore, you will want to look for problems with this type of winter damage and have it repaired before the winter rains arrive this year.  

Wind Damage from Winter Storms That Is Exposed After the Snow and Ice Melts Off of The Roof  

Another problem that you may have after a winter storm is wind damage to the roof of your home. This type of damage is obvious when there are sections of shingles missing, but less noticeable when there are tears and other damage. Look for signs like missing shingle tabs, tears, and areas of roofing that have been lifted up by the high winds during a storm.  

Nails and Fasteners That Work Loose with Changes in Temperatures That Can Lead to Punctures and Leaks  

The changes in temperatures can cause another problem with the roofing on your home. As the temperatures change, fasteners like nails and screws can work their way up and puncture the shingles. This type of problem will need to be repaired by removing the fasteners and patching the holes to prevent leaks when the spring rains arrive.  

These are some roof repair tips that will help you deal with the winter weather damage that needs to be repaired before spring. If you need help repairing serious damage, contact a roof repair service to help ensure these problems do not turn into serious damage to your home, or visit websites like to learn more. 

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