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Having Roof Work Done? Familiarize Yourself With These Roofing Parts

If you are having roof work done, your residential roofing contractor may use terms that you are not familiar with. This is because your roof is made up of many other layers aside from the outermost layer that most people are familiar with, such as the shingles, shakes, or roofing tiles. Here are a few roofing parts that you should familiarize yourself with when you are having roof work completed by a residential roofing service:

The Trusses

The trusses of your roof are the structural support beams that support the weight of your roof while also creating the slope. The beams form together to create the shape of your roof, typically triangular or A-shaped. The trusses of a roof usually only need to be repaired or replaced due to fire damage, termite damage, or if you are installing a particularly heavy roofing material, such as slate, that needs extra support. 

The Decking

The decking is the innermost layer of your roof. It is the plywood sheets that lay over the trusses to form the flat layer that the rest of your roof is built atop. If you have a home with an unfinished attic, you can go into the attic, look up, and you would be looking at the decking. The decking of a roof only needs to be replaced or repaired when there is extensive damage done to your roof, typically from water. 

The Membrane

The membrane is a waterproof layer that covers the decking. The decking is made of wood, so water can cause serious water damage. The membrane, typically made from either a rubber or plastic material, helps to cover it and protect it from any moisture that is able to seep through your outermost roofing materials, like shingles and tiles. The membrane generally needs to be replaced if it is punctured, either from a roof being incorrectly installed or debris, such as flying rocks, puncturing your outermost roofing layer and then puncturing the membrane. 

The Flashing

The flashing are metal strips that are typically used near vents, protruding pipes, or chimneys. There is a small gap where the roof ends and the protruding item begins. The flashing helps to cover that gap, ensuring water does not seep in. The flashing is extremely vulnerable to damage, including wind damage and damage from flying debris. 

When a residential roofing contractor is working to repair your roof or install a new roof, they may use the name of various parts of the roof to describe the work that needs to be done or let you know about the parts that they are repairing or replacing. Familiarizing yourself with the various parts of the roof can help you to better understand the scope of the work that is being done on your roof and what exactly is being repaired or replaced. 

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