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Signs The Flashing On Your Roof Is In Need Of Repair And The Type Of Repairs That Might Be Necessary

You probably glance at your asphalt shingle roof now and then to look for signs of shingle damage, but you may not give much thought to the metal flashing. However, it can be damaged too, and it needs to be checked and repaired occasionally. Galvanized steel is a common material for roof flashing, and while durable, it can corrode or sustain other damage. Here are signs of flashing damage and how it's repaired.

Signs Of Damaged Flashing

Flashing damage can be difficult to see from the ground. There could be small holes in the metal from woodpeckers. The metal night be bent by strong wind, cracked, covered in rust, or loose. Any of these problems can allow rain to leak into the attic and cause water damage to your home. Your first indication of flashing problems might be a water stain on the ceiling or a wet attic.

When flashing doesn't shed water as it should, it can even affect the shingles nearby. If you don't see problems with the flashing from the ground but the shingles near it look dark or damaged, you may want a roofer to check the flashing.

Roof Repairs That Fix The Problem

If the bad flashing damaged shingles, the shingles need to be replaced at the same time the flashing is repaired. The roofer may also check the deck under the shingles to make sure it isn't wet and rotted. If the deck is rotted, the damaged area has to be cut out and replaced. It's also possible the only damage is to the flashing itself. The repairs that will be needed will depend on the problem.

Tiny holes can be filled in, while cracks and larger damage can sometimes be patched with a piece of sheet metal. The location and shape of the flashing also comes into play, and if repairs can't be done, then replacing the flashing is necessary.

The flashing is also replaced if it's rusted. If the problem is loose flashing, it might be possible to fix the situation by chipping out the old caulk and then applying new caulk to hold the metal in place against the chimney or other roof part.

Since flashing covers areas on your roof where things protrude through the shingles, the flashing plays an important role in keeping rain from leaking into your attic. Flashing problems are common causes of roof leaks, so it's important to check the flashing regularly and have repairs done promptly when holes, rust, or other damages are found.

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