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How To Tell If Your Rolled Roofing Material Is In Need Of Replacement

Rolled roofing is a popular choice for roofing material for commercial businesses. It may not look the best, but chances are that none of the employees or customers are seeing this roofing material from the street. However, it is important that you still check on the roof and look for the signs that it needs to be replaced.

Missing Granules 

Much like with asphalt shingles, rolled roofing material has a layer of granules that provide protection for your business. They help prevent the ultraviolet light from the sun from transferring heat into the building, which helps with increased energy efficiency. Unfortunately, these granules can come off of the rolled roofing material over time, leaving them looking a bit bare at first glance. There is no way to repair the material to put the granules back on, since the only option is to replace the old rolled roofing with brand-new material.

Curling Seams

Rolled roofing is installed in a way where the seams overlap each other and allow water to pass over them on the way to a downspout. Even though the roof's surface is flat, there is still a slight slope so that water flows off the surface. It can be problematic if these seams start to curl upward. This creates a place where wind can get trapped underneath the rolled roofing material, rip it off your building, and allow water to start getting underneath the surface of the roofing material. 


Rolled roofing material can also deteriorate if it is in bad shape. There will be cracks in the surface, sections that are bubbling, and even chunks of missing portions of the roofing material. This is a definite sign that you need roof replacement. The material may even be in such bad shape that you need to tear off all the old material to install the new roof.

Pooling Water

There should never be a time where water pools on the surface of a flat roof. This means that there is something wrong with the roof deck that needs to be fixed, such as making a low spot level with the surrounding parts of the roof. You'll need to rip off the old material to figure out what's wrong before installing new material on top of it. There may even be soft spots of a roof where the rood deck underneath has been exposed to water and starting to decay. 

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