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Why Metal Might Be The Right Choice For Your Commercial Roof

If you are looking to install a new commercial roof for your business, you obviously have multiple choices available when it comes to selecting a material type. While asphalt shingle roofs remain the tried and true choice for many, today, many companies are beginning to see the benefits of installing a metal roof instead. Here's why you might want to reach out to a local firm that offers commercial roof services to inquire about a new metal roof today.

Incredible Durability Makes Metal Roofs Last for a Long Time

The standard asphalt roof should last at least 10 years and hopefully 20 or longer if you're lucky. Metal roofs, though, are designed to last much longer, provided it has been installed correctly. A good metal roof could easily see 30, 40, or 50 years of service without creating any trouble for you.

Metal roofs are also great at standing up to bad weather. A high gust of wind might rip an asphalt shingle loose, but a well-installed metal roof should be able to weather the storm.

It's the Best Choice for Your Energy Costs and for "Going Green" as a Company

Metal is reflective surface and this means it will reflect the incoming heat from the sun, instead of baking it right into the surface like asphalt does. Because your roof won't be as hot, your entire home will be naturally cooler. This could help reduce your energy costs by allowing your HVAC system to take a break.

By installing a roof that is more friendly to the environment, you could also give yourself credit for being more "green" as a company. That's something your clients or customers might appreciate, even if they never glance at the roof.

You'll Save Money Over Time

Metal roofs will cost you money up front, of course. But because of the durability and longevity we mentioned earlier, you will likely find that your year-to-year costs to maintain or repair your metal roof will be less than the cost of dealing with asphalt shingles.

While there's nothing wrong with installing asphalt shingles for your commercial roof, take a step back and look at the benefits of metal before you make your final decision. Metal roofs can last for decades longer than asphalt roofs, and they are also quite capable of standing up to the elements like a big gust of wind or anything else Mother Nature decides to throw at your building. Metal roofs are also energy efficient and may not require as much attention going forward, allowing you to save money year after year due to low maintenance or repair costs. Contact a local commercial roofing company to inquire about metal roofs today.

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